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JOPX , the tireless “ Globetrotter “ has absorbed many features of the various cultures he met during his many architectural services abroad.Indeed, this character, eclectic if any, has been active in nearly 30 countries in addition to having visited nearly 60 others in which he drew diversity in many aspects which allowed him to express, with great consistency, his second … “ face “, namely the “ artist one “ who practices self-taught painting, decorative arts, design, photography, digital processing and etching.

Author of a reference book ( Japanese Gardens, Design and Meaning ), he had already discovered in Japan, the effect of “ diagonal “ used in some gardens which joined his concern, which began much earlier, on the perception and eye dynamic effects resulting from the diversity of positions, shapes, colours, volumes and the combination of these components. This questioning was intensified through famous sites photography in Gabon and Russia among others. Indeed, he did not hesitate to use this very specific approach in some of his architectural achievements such as the Libreville Sheraton Hotel and the Moscow International Airport Hotel where the decoration, carried out using his photographs representing some of its local symbols, is ubiquitous by integrating with the architectural space he designed.

A more theoretical research of these optical effects leads, in addition, to specific findings relating to the eye strain induced during the observation of topics presented diagonally, quite unusual reference to the human eye. Among them, the feeling of a difference between the height and width of the picture while its dimensions are identical, the accentuation of the effects of depth and volume, the use of empty fractions of the frame, the intrusive redefinition of the pictorial space which leads the viewer to a deeper questioning about his perception and understanding of the artist work.

This new designing approach stays true to the total freedom of pictorial expression advocated by the artist for a long time already : a mixture of techniques, the use of IT resources, the delivery of abstract or semi-figurative subjects that leave the viewer with complete freedom of interpretation and the opportunity of “ Conceptual Trips “ starting from these amazing, yet unpublished compositions. This work is produced with “ Limited Editions “ and are, consequently, accessible to all. Note that JOPX is a member of the very renowned Artist Federation ArtMagna®.



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